Multi-media library concerns

Future of Monaco's new library in doubt.

Members of the Communal Council were shocked to learn from Nice Matin that their plans for a new multi-media library were threatened. On Monday morning, The Minister of State said in a press conference that the land set aside for the library is likely to now be used for local housing, and that the project located elsewhere. However there was no indication as to the new location, and with space at a premium in the Principality, councilors are deeply concerned.

Original plans were to open a new library at the end of 2013 on old SNCF land close to the Place du Canton. Since the hospital project is being reviewed and may now to be built in the Testimonio district, the local housing planned at Testimonio may be moved to the spot set aside for the library.

Town hall representatives expressed their concern in a communique printed in Nice Matin. They were particularly dismayed to have read about the changes in the newspaper rather than by direct communication from the Government. The library project is a priority for the commune, ensuring access for all to culture and learning.

Will the multi-media library see the light of day?