Multi-media library concerns

Future of Monaco's new library in doubt.

Library celebrates 100th anniversary

The Bibliotheque Louis Notari, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Libraries, archives and document centres

Public Library

The public library in Monaco is currently located in 3 different buildings, however a new multi-media library is being planned to bring all the resources together under one roof. It's due to open in 2012.

Reading room and lending service

A traditional service called the Bibliotheque Louis Notari is in the Condamine area, close to the port. You can sit quietly in the reading room and do your business research, or read the Monaco business press.

Learn to write in the library

If you thought that libraries were just places you could go and find material to read, think again. It seems that libraries help you to write too. Author Ray Bradbury found the typewriters* and quiet in his local university library were perfect for him to write his book Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury said:

A handy round-up of online libraries

Google Books is probably the most famous source of online books, but this article in lists a few more.

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