Guide for green events

Monaco's events organizers get eco-advice.

2009 statistics published

The 2009 edition of Monaco en chiffres is now on sale in bookshops and newsagents for 10 euros.

New edition of Banking and Finance

Epi's directory now in shops.

2010 Best of Monaco out now

New edition launched yesterday.

Library celebrates 100th anniversary

The Bibliotheque Louis Notari, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Employer's guide to Monaco

Wednesday evening saw the launch of the 2nd edition of the Guide de l'Employeur a Monaco (Monaco Employer's Guide).

Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been one of the great success stories of the Internet, but as you all know, teachers prefer you to use edited, reliable and trustworthy sources for your research and assignments. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is not always reliable, but now, there's a new product being developed from it that provides expert validation of the content. This is a great benefit for both teachers, students and researchers.

Too many books, too little time

I just watched a great video (about an hour long) of a talk by Barry Schwartz, who wrote a book called "The Paradox of Choice".

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