F1 circuit is top venue

There are many news reports today proclaiming Monaco to be first sporting wonder of the world.

A survey by Barclays Spaces for Sports asked 3500 British sports fans what the world's greatest sporting venue is outside the UK. The 18% majority chose the Formula One circuit in Monaco. Winding its way through the town centre streets, the Grand Prix race attracts F1 fans and celebrities in droves every year. Outside competition weekend, the track is just another part of town where you can find restaurants and bars. The history and prestige associated with the circuit have helped promote the Principality, which now has a worldwide reputation for motor sport. Besides the F1 competition in May, the Monte Carlo Rally takes place in January, March sees the Alternative Energy Vehicles Rally, and in October the port area hosts the Monaco Kart Cup.

But Monaco's sporting prestige isn't just built on the automobile. The Tennis Masters takes place at the Monte Carlo Country Club every April and the football stadium hosts the UEFA Super Cup, heralding the start of the European football season every year in August. This year, the Tour de France cycle race will set off from Monaco in July. Quite an impressive calendar for such a small state. The Principality's position at the top of the seven sporting wonders of the world is well-deserved.

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