Opposition party targets youth and environment

The opposition party alliance of Rassemblement et Enjeux held a public meeting on Monday evening to voice their dissatisfaction with the UPM's leadership of the National Council over the past 5 years. Although the election campaign doesn't officially start until Saturday 26 January, the party announced some of the items that will be on the political agenda if they're elected. In contrast to the UPM's interests, many of the issues revolve around the environment and young people, and include:

  • Transforming the reserve fund into a sovereign fund with socially responsible investments.
  • De-allocating the Public Maritime Domain's scope of extending land into the sea.
  • Creating a commission for the environment and sustainable development.
  • Boosting the policy of providing car parks on the outskirts of town, to reduce tourist motor traffic.
  • Creating a think tank for the fate of Monaco's incineration plant before its closure in 2020-2025.
  • Developing study and work exchanges for young Monegasques.
  • Establishing a partnership between the state and the banks to provide student loans.
  • Providing low rental student accommodation in the state housing domains.
  • Creating an organization to find and publicize job offers and career opportunities.
  • Creating an information centre, phone line and website to listen to and help young people.
  • Initiating a project for a new library.

We'll have to wait until Saturday for the full manifesto.