Time's global luxury survey

The Fall 2007 supplement to Time magazine contains what they call the Global Luxury Survey, which investigates the markets for luxury brands in China, Russia and India. We have a paper copy in the library that you can consult.

Luxury beer

Champagne is not the "be all and end all" of luxury drinks. Those of you with a yearning for a special occasion tipple can also add beer to your list of beverages. The top two beers cost about 78 euros and 67 euros per pint respectively. Phew, it makes Jimmy'z look cheap.

Would you like Krug or Dom Perignon?

That's the question you'll be asked if you book a first class ticket with Singapore Airlines, ranked 2nd in the list of World's Best First Class airline experiences. Top of the list is Qatar Airways. Despite the luxury price tags attached to first class air travel, one expert states that "it's not a major source of revenue", more of a marketing tool.

Intellectual property theft not confined to real world

The online game Second Life is breeding a virtual world of fashion design.

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