Louis Dreyfus bets on Mangas Gaming

French commodities trader is about to become a shareholder in the online gambling company jointly owned by Monaco's Societe des Bains de Mer (SBM) and French TV producer Stephane Courbit's company Financieres Lov.

Web site maintenance

Below, you'll find a list of the common tasks when running an effective web site.


  • Checking document currency and archiving when necessary.
  • Providing online / telephone / face-to-face training and support for content managers.
  • Reviewing content to ensure correct and consistent tagging, classification and abstracting of posted documents.
  • Posting documents received by email from non-content managers or those without time/inclination/training.
  • Proof-reading of documents for posting to ensure highest quality visitor impression.
  • Editing language of content to ensure op

Search Engine Optimisation

A good friend has just asked what SEO ranking software she can buy to improve her web site's Google position.

If only it were that simple! In the best tradition of Slashdot:

  1. Buy SEO software.
  2. Apply to web site.
  3. Profit!


Because I get asked this question so often, I've put together a list of some useful SEO resources.

Search Engine Optimisation

There's no Silver Bullet software that will automagically increase your search engine rankings. If anyone tells you different, they're probably trying to sell you something. However, there are some great tools that can help you analyze your pages and monitor performance, but hey, you're already an expert with Google Webmaster Tools, right?

Monte Carlo SBM makes an online bet

Monte Carlo SBM is hoping to extend its casino business into the virtual world of online gambling by taking a 50% stake in Mangas Capital Gaming (MCG). The Monegasque company, whose image is synonymous with the luxury and glamour of Monte Carlo, has been eager to start developing its brand on the Internet. However, this has proved difficult, primarily because of French gaming regulations.

Protecting brands on the internet

The Junior Chamber of Monaco is holding a breakfast debate on Thursday 6 December in the Salon Bellevue of the Cafe de Paris, on the subject of brand protection on the Internet. Speakers include Cédric MANARA and Dominique MORVAN. Mr Manara is Associate Professor of Law at the EDHEC business school in Nice, and Mr Morvan is General Manager of NameBay.

Experts rate Wikipedia's accuracy higher than non-experts

Researchers at Nottingham University Business School in the UK have published results indicating that experts rate Wikipedia's accuracy higher than non-experts. Maybe last year's controversy over Wikipedia's accuracy was unfounded?

Intellectual property theft not confined to real world

The online game Second Life is breeding a virtual world of fashion design.

Should university classes be posted online as podcasts?

"I'm working at a major university in the US, and have been charged with posting pod-casts of class lectures on the internet. The problem is whether or not posting the videos would allow students to skip class and just download the lecture, instead. I guess the problem is trying to strike the right balance between allowing good students to take advantage of this resource, but discourage bad students from staying at home all the time and watching all the lectures right before the exam."

Classic computer security book now online

After several years of argument, Ross Anderson of Cambridge University has persuaded his publisher to let him put his book "Security Engineering" online for free download.

The publishers thought for years that it was too risky to let authors put books online but they are gradually learning that this isn't so. Putting a book online often increases its sales; more people read it and those who find it useful often go buy a copy.

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