Web site maintenance

Below, you'll find a list of the common tasks when running an effective web site.


  • Checking document currency and archiving when necessary.
  • Providing online / telephone / face-to-face training and support for content managers.
  • Reviewing content to ensure correct and consistent tagging, classification and abstracting of posted documents.
  • Posting documents received by email from non-content managers or those without time/inclination/training.
  • Proof-reading of documents for posting to ensure highest quality visitor impression.
  • Editing language of content to ensure optimal search engine ranking and usability.
  • Document format conversion to ensure acceptance by widest audience (multiple browsers, etc.)
  • Daily monitoring of visitor statistics with subsequent site tuning and preparation of management reports.
  • Moderation of postings for copyright issues and 'inappropriate' material.
  • Co-ordination of newsletter content and technical management of mailing list.
  • Creation of new menu structures or business areas on the site, if applicable.
  • Setup of event registration pages, if applicable.
  • Creation and editing of advertisement material supplied by vendors and liaison with administration (see below) on vendor advertising matters.


  • Liaison with hosting provider on any technical matters such as downtime, spam attacks, etc.
  • Management of DNS account and domain name registration and renewal.
  • System software updates including regular security patches.
  • Regular check on automated system backups.
  • Maintenance of site configuration to maintain optimal performance.
  • Ensure regular site statistics reports are available.