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Action librarian

I had a hearty laugh at this action figure I found while browsing the Internet the other day. The "shushing librarian" is available in a basic or superior model, and it's based on a real life person. Contrary to the popular stereotype, there are many librarians who allow you to chat in your library, as long as you don't disturb other users.

Beware what you share

A recent news item reports that a company has had to pay a $300,000 fine because it distributed copyrighted press clippings internally. The company "disseminated copies of relevant magazine and newspaper articles in the good faith belief that it was lawful to do so", but unfortunately, ignorance of the law did not protect them.

NGEF Monaco, day 2

I've just returned from the morning session of the Next Generation Entrepreneur Forum in Monaco and it was great. We heard from 3 speakers who all had something thought provoking and useful to say to entrepreneurs. Here are the highlights from my notes.

Heidi Roizen, Mobius Venture Capital

The title of Heidi's talk was "10 things I've learned as a venture capitalist that I wish I'd known as an entrepreneur". And here are the 10 things, as noted down by me:

Next Generation Entrepreneur Forum, Monaco

Hot off the press:

Learn to write in the library

If you thought that libraries were just places you could go and find material to read, think again. It seems that libraries help you to write too. Author Ray Bradbury found the typewriters* and quiet in his local university library were perfect for him to write his book Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury said:

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