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Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been one of the great success stories of the Internet, but as you all know, teachers prefer you to use edited, reliable and trustworthy sources for your research and assignments. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is not always reliable, but now, there's a new product being developed from it that provides expert validation of the content. This is a great benefit for both teachers, students and researchers.

Validate your research

One of the modules of my advanced research and communication course, is about evaluating other people's research. It's really important to check how research has been carried out if you're going to use the results for your own purpose, whether that's for use in an assignment, or to help you make a real life business decision.

Do it in Monaco!

The Junior Chamber of Commerce in Monaco has organized its second investment forum, Do It In Monaco! The purpose of the event is to promote investment and entrepreneurship in Monaco and to bring together advisors, investors and business people. Last year there were presentations by successful Monegasque businesses, and discussions about the different company structures.

French luxury goes to Russia

If you haven't already picked up the press reports, you may be interested to know that the French luxury food company Hediard, has been bought by a Russian businessman. The company was sold by our very own Monegasque Michel Pastor, and becomes part of the Luxadvor group. Will we start to see more caviar for sale in the stores?

Time's global luxury survey

The Fall 2007 supplement to Time magazine contains what they call the Global Luxury Survey, which investigates the markets for luxury brands in China, Russia and India. We have a paper copy in the library that you can consult.

Too many books, too little time

I just watched a great video (about an hour long) of a talk by Barry Schwartz, who wrote a book called "The Paradox of Choice".

What's the research question?

I was recently asked for help with research on knowledge management. The researcher left a brief message stating:

"I'm doing research on knowledge management and developing a questionnaire. Can you help to provide me with research and questionnaires on knowledge management?"

So what exactly is the "open source" brand?

What does "open source" mean to you?

Luxury beer

Champagne is not the "be all and end all" of luxury drinks. Those of you with a yearning for a special occasion tipple can also add beer to your list of beverages. The top two beers cost about 78 euros and 67 euros per pint respectively. Phew, it makes Jimmy'z look cheap.

Would you like Krug or Dom Perignon?

That's the question you'll be asked if you book a first class ticket with Singapore Airlines, ranked 2nd in the list of World's Best First Class airline experiences. Top of the list is Qatar Airways. Despite the luxury price tags attached to first class air travel, one expert states that "it's not a major source of revenue", more of a marketing tool.

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