Better transport connections

Here at Monaco IQ, we're great advocates of public transport and regularly report stories about local bus and rail services.

In addition to traditional forms of transport, the Principality also boasts a solar powered "bateau bus" (boat bus) that carries travelers from one side of the port to the other. It became a year-round service in December 2008 after transporting 52 000 passengers during the year, twice the number carried in 2007. A third of its users are locals.

Better bus service

Good news for users of public transport in Monaco. From 2 February 2009, there'll be more buses running for longer in the Principality.

Rail services disruption

Here is a link to emergency scheduling information about the rail service disruptions. If you don't want to risk the trains, here is more information about other public transport serving Monaco.

Also in the news this week...

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Monte Carlo SBM

Monte Carlo SBM has brought a lawsuit against the MGM Mirage casino in Las Vegas, also called the Monte Carlo. The case revolves around the right to operate websites in the New York area that promote MGM Mirage's Monte Carlo brand and which have domain names similar to SBM's.

Public transport just gets better

New winter train timetables have been published and here at Monaco IQ we're very excited. From 14 December 2008, the trains financed by Monaco come fully into operation.

Free buses for three days

You can ride Monaco's buses free of charge over the next 3 days. Today, tomorrow and Friday this week, leave your wallet in your pocket as you travel about on public transport. This is an initiative to mark European Mobility Week, from 16 to 22 September.

Trains, complaints and passenger woes

If you work in Monaco, the chances are that you'll be living in one of the cities or towns in the surrounding region. About 20% of the Principality's 45000 make the journey every day from Nice, and I used to be one of them.

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