Industrial action

Unhappy New Year for Metropole

Workers at the Metropole Hotel are still demanding their share of gains from VAT reductions.

Reform salaries, not pensions, say unions

Unionists, workers and pensioners answered a call to demonstrate last Wednesday afternoon.

Workers want bigger share of VAT

Metropole Hotel workers are pushing bosses for a bigger share of the gains that resulted from lower VAT rates in restaurants from July 2009.

Transport problems today

French national strike causes disruptions.

SBM reach VAT agreement

SBM and hotel workers' representatives have reached an agreement over restaurant VAT reduction.

Monte Carlo SBM workers on strike

Trouble during Easter weekend.

Satisfaction for Sofamo Biotherm workers

A satisfactory redundancy package has finally been offered to the factory workers of Sofamo Biotherm.

Trains, complaints and passenger woes

If you work in Monaco, the chances are that you'll be living in one of the cities or towns in the surrounding region. About 20% of the Principality's 45000 make the journey every day from Nice, and I used to be one of them.

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