Tax agreement with Germany ratified

Yesterday a German delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Werner Hoyer, visited Monaco to ratify a tax information exchange agreement signed in July 2010.

New OECD report on Monaco to be published

Un nouveau rapport OCDE sur Monaco

A new report on international tax cooperation is to be published

OECD wants to see more progress

Monaco's first tax transparency progress report has been released by the OECD.

No relief for French tax payers

The French Government has refused to reconsider tax rules.

German information exchange

Australia last week, Germany soon.

Impact of Italian tax amnesty

Italians are still important clients for Monaco's financial industry.

Twelve tax treaties

Monaco signed its 12th tax agreement this morning.

Tax agreement with USA

Monaco has signed another Tax Information Exchange Agreement, this time in Washington.

More tax agreements

Monaco has signed another tax agreement, this time with The Republic of San Marino, allowing exchange of tax information.

Tax agreement with Belgium

Last Wednesday the Principality signed its first agreement to exchange tax information with another state.

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