International relations

Tax agreement with Germany ratified

Yesterday a German delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Werner Hoyer, visited Monaco to ratify a tax information exchange agreement signed in July 2010.

New monetary agreement with EU

A new monetary agreement was signed last week between Monaco, France and the European Commission.

Hugues Moret to become French Ambassador to Monaco

Hugues Moret, ambassadeur de France

Former Chief of Staff of Rama Yade's cabinet, Hugues Moret will present his credentials to Prince Albert at the end of October.

New OECD report on Monaco to be published

Un nouveau rapport OCDE sur Monaco

A new report on international tax cooperation is to be published

Continued efforts for Council of Europe

Anne Brasseur is in town to review Monaco's progress in meeting all the requirements for membership of the Council of Europe.

Embassy for Order of Malta?

A new ambassadorial position may be created for the permanent representative of the Order of Malta in Monaco.

Franco-Monegasque cooperation

Three agreements signed at the Commission de Cooperation Franco-Monegasque meeting last week.

New beginning in Nagoya?

Prince Albert is on the final day of his official visit to Japan.

Mayor builds relationships

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Monaco's mayor attended the 30th General Assembly of the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF).

Interpol chief visits Monaco

General Secretary of Interpol Ronald K Noble made his first visit to Monaco last week.

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