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If you're fed up wading through news about Monaco Coach motor homes and the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas, Monaco IQ can help. Here are our handpicked headlines about the Principality.

Luxury bibliography

Links on this page direct to the UK website for Amazon. Being based in Monaco, it makes more sense for us to order our books in Europe.

Management, Industry, Theory and History

Berry, C.J. (1994) The idea of luxury: a conceptual and historical investigation. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.


Lydia Porter
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Lydia Porter

Lydia Porter has over 20 years of research experience, working with several leading strategy consultants, health organizations and business research services in the UK. She has worked on major projects for multi-national, blue chip companies, investigating all aspects of client industries, using competitive intelligence to guide strategic decision-making.

Biography: Doug Boit

Doug BoitDoug Boit is head of research at London-based COR Financial Solutions. He occasionally hangs out at the International University of Monaco where he's been known to teach occasionally and enjoys challenging students with difficult questions.

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This is the website of Monaco IQ, a business services company based in the Principality of Monaco. You may have a problem that we can help you solve, so we've provided information about our services and products. Also, because we're based in Monaco, we publish information and news about the Principality's business environment. Finally, we provide comment and opinions on our varied business interests.

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Luxury sources


For many people, Monaco and Monte Carlo are synonymous with the luxury lifestyle. This section of the website aims to give you the sources necessary to research this current growth sector.

Luxury books

Check the luxury bibliography page for a list of books and other resources about luxury.

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