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We'll be adding content to this page to provide research help to students who are enrolled in finance, hedge fund and wealth management courses. Please contact us with suggestions.

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We'll be adding content to these pages to help graduate students. If you have suggestions, then please contact us.

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Whenever we get together with our old academic colleagues, there's one thing that consistently comes up in the conversation: students just don't know how to reference their sources. But the skill of referencing isn't only something you need for your academic projects, you'll also find it useful in business life. With the explosion of information sources now available through the Internet, it's vitally important that you keep a clear record of where you find your data, in case you need to update it, or refer to it again at a future date.

Research help

Not sure how to start your research?
You'll find advice and resources here not only for finding out about Monaco, but also for any business research project. We offer you our advice free of charge.

Research courses

We have many years experience teaching both executives and students how to carry out research. If you're new to research and need some help to get started, please contact us. We can organize seminars and tutorials to meet your needs, from one or two hours, to full courses lasting several weeks. Examples of our courses can be found below.

Research Tips and Tricks

An introduction to research designed for secretaries and clerical workers who are new to research. Designed to get you up and running fast.

Introduction to Academic Research

We developed the Advanced Research and Communications Course in 2002 to introduce undergraduate students to the world of academic and applied business research.

Free resources

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? Here are some free resources to help with your research. We're always interested to understand people's research problems, so why not contact us for an informal chat about your own research?


This page contains frequently asked questions, advice and links for researching the business environment in and around Monaco and Monte Carlo. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business manager, we hope you find the information below useful. If you need some more specific or in-depth help with your business research, then please contact us.

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