New head of education

Claude Peri takes over the role.

Institut Alain Ducasse

Plans to open a culinary arts university in Monaco took a step further recently.

Banking education in Monaco

Once a student has completed the baccalaureat, he or she will often look to France or further afield to take up a university education. One alternative to leaving the Principality may be to study for a banking diploma.

Art education in Monaco

Once young Monegasques have finished compulsory education, many choose to continue their studies at universities and colleges elsewhere in the world. At just over 8% of the population, the student age range of 15 to 24 years makes up the smallest number of residents in Monaco. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities for younger residents to continue their education close to home, but it's not completely impossible to obtain a university degree in the Principality.

Will Turnitin need to turn it in?

Scourge of students everywhere, the Californian company Turnitin has been accused of breaking copyright law by two Arizona high school kids. The anti-plagiarism service is used by 6,000 institutions in 90 countries and stores each student work submitted in its database. The pair claim that it violates their right to control their own copyrighted work.

The father of one of the plaintiffs thinks schools should teach students that cheating is wrong. "You can't take a person's work and run it through a computer and make an honest person out of them" he said.


Experts rate Wikipedia's accuracy higher than non-experts

Researchers at Nottingham University Business School in the UK have published results indicating that experts rate Wikipedia's accuracy higher than non-experts. Maybe last year's controversy over Wikipedia's accuracy was unfounded?

Teaching, video games and questionable questionaires

A new report from the UK, says that there's now "evidence" that video games deserve a place in schools. What's the evidence? points out the need for better quality research.

Grad students most likely to cheat are...

BOSTON (Reuters) - Graduate business students in the United States and Canada are more likely to cheat on their work than their counterparts in other academic fields, the author of a research paper said on Wednesday.

Should university classes be posted online as podcasts?

"I'm working at a major university in the US, and have been charged with posting pod-casts of class lectures on the internet. The problem is whether or not posting the videos would allow students to skip class and just download the lecture, instead. I guess the problem is trying to strike the right balance between allowing good students to take advantage of this resource, but discourage bad students from staying at home all the time and watching all the lectures right before the exam."

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