Avoid avenue de l'Annonciade for a week

Traffic is to be suspended during construction work.

Continued efforts for Council of Europe

Anne Brasseur is in town to review Monaco's progress in meeting all the requirements for membership of the Council of Europe.

Masons and catholics don't mix

Monaco's Archbishop Barsi declares it's impossible to be both a Catholic and a free-mason.

Late candidate for communal elections

Just a few weeks before elections for the Maire, a new candidate appears.

TriStar partners with Zoot Sports

Monaco company Star Events signs deal with Zoot Sports.

Button wins Australian Grand Prix

Monaco resident Jenson Button has won the first F1 race of the season.

The Formula One season started yesterday with the Australian Grand Prix held at the Albert Park track in Melbourne. Before the race on Sunday Button was considered to be something of an outside favourite for this year's championship. After such an auspicious start, we're all hoping that the young Brit, resident in Monaco since 2000 will excel in this year's Grand Prix. And it would be really special if he won in Monaco itself, where last year he finished a disappointing 11th.

Problems with Wikipedia

Wikipedia: we all love it, we all use it and we all enjoy reading about the humourous, rude or just plain silly edits that users make to it. There's no denying that it's become one of the most used research tools on the Internet. However the fact that just about anyone can make changes to its articles has caused some problems.

Know your competitors

If you're an entrepreneur about to make a pitch to raise investment, you should first read through this short, interesting blog written by a venture capitalist.

Search Engine Optimisation

A good friend has just asked what SEO ranking software she can buy to improve her web site's Google position.

If only it were that simple! In the best tradition of Slashdot:

  1. Buy SEO software.
  2. Apply to web site.
  3. Profit!


Because I get asked this question so often, I've put together a list of some useful SEO resources.

What does Monte-Carlo SBM mean to you?

2008 promises to be an exciting year for the Societe des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers, commonly and confusingly referred to here in Monaco as SBM. Confusingly, because there's another company based in the Principality called Single Buoy Moorings, also referred to as SBM. Perhaps this was one of the reasons for the recent branding exercise carried out by the company, resulting in their new name Monte-Carlo SBM.

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